About Us

Our History

Greater Works Church has been built on a foundation of faith that begin in the early 1900s as Mt. Olive Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A. The church has been planted in southwest Jackson since its founding, and over the years, many souls have been saved, many lives have been impacted, and many have gone on to do greater works for the Lord. Our church adopted the name Greater Works in March 2021. Our name emphasizes our vision, our mission, and our future!

What Is Our Church Like?

Serving Our Community

"As a teacher at a school in the community, a colleague came and asked for my advice on a certain situation. A student had arrived in class with an offensive odor. We knew that children could be cruel, and pondered what to do. I remembered that Greater Works, my church, had donated personal hygiene items to the school. Those items allowed the student an opportunity to better their appearance. What was the reward, you ask? Seeing the difference in how the student's whole presence changed simply by providing items and the availability of a shower. I was grateful to God and proud of my church for being used of Him to meet this student's need."

Valerie H.

Loving People, Loving the Word

"It is so spiritually refreshing to be a part of Greater Works Church. The presence of the Lord God can be seen in every member; whether in person or even in teleconferencing. The words "church family" have taken on new meaning for me. Pastor Gregory McGee is a gospel-filled, anointed minister of the scriptures. If you hunger for the Word of God, this is where your need stops. God is blessing this young man to help others to get back on the right path...the path to doing greater works for the Lord!"

Betty G.

Uplifting the Soul

"Fellowship with the Greater Works Church has been so uplifting to my soul! When I hear the love they share with each other and the joy they share for the Lord, it blesses me. In spite of limitations, they press on. They have opened their hearts to all who have come, even me. Thank you Greater Works for blessing me with your love."

Raymond H.