Who Are We?


To be a visible center of Christian growth, holistic development, and community service for southwest Jackson communities and beyond.


To develop a community of believers that demonstrate the message and ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Our Values


We believe in a lifestyle of genuine and consistent worship that is fueled by faith and one’s knowledge of God. Corporately, we support a Spirit-filled worship atmosphere where God is the focus and believers celebrate freely and passionately their identity in Christ. Our expectation is that God will meet us in worship to empower and heal for His glory, and that spiritual gifts will be manifested for the edification of the Church.


We believe in training and equipping believers to serve others with their time, experiences, skills, and resources. We encourage our spiritual community to respond to the callings of God and exercise their gifts as we reach out to the lost, the suffering, and oppressed.


We seek to build healthy relationships, beginning with a relationship with God, then with our own families, and with one another. We encourage each member to enhance their relationship with the church by becoming innovative helpers in praying for, developing, and exercising ideas and programs that advance church objectives.


We endeavor to teach individuals systematically and prophetically how to live victoriously through biblical principles and precepts. We also endeavor to teach holistically so that members may increase their resources for the benefit of the Kingdom and personal fulfillment. Youth also are a focus of our ministry as we educate them to become committed believers and Christian leaders in both the church and secular environments.


We expect believers to pursue a lifestyle of holiness and integrity in all aspects of life. We expect all programs, activities, and services to be operated with a smoothness and quality that demonstrates a spirit of excellence worthy of Jesus Christ. We believe in being accountable towards one another in regards to spiritual integrity and the performance of responsibilities and duties among the church.